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KM Weekly Wallpaper: Alfa Romeo 4C Headlight

posted by on 30 September 2014 in Weekly Wallpaper

There has been a lot of hubbub in the US automotive press latey about the Alfa Romeo 4C, and for good reason. It’s a lightweight sports car from one of the most storied marques in the world. It’s made of carbon fiber, and is extremely lightweight. It’s made in the Maserati factory in Modena, and it looks gorgeous. Or at least, we think it looks gorgeous. While US car nuts have been extremely excited about the return of Alfa to our shores, one of the most frequent arguments over the car has to do with it’s looks. To put it briefly, they’re divisive. Some people think it’s too swoopy. Some people think it’s not swoopy enough. Some people think it’s got too many vents. Some people think the rear is too big, a la Ferrari California. Whatever the various opinions on the design of the 4C, though, one point was nearly universally agreed upon: the original “spider eye” headlights were…. well, ugly. Sure, (now departed) Fiat group Chairman Luca di Montezemolo might have said that he made Alfa use them to save money on the car, but that didn’t help fix the fact that they just didn’t flow with the rest of the car and made it look like it had a bad case of warts.

Fortunately, that problem has been remedied, and all new production 4C headlights are a more traditional design that works much better with the rest of the car. We had the chance to spend some time with the 4C, including driving it, last week and we can confirm that the new headlight design really does add the missing finishing touch to a very beautiful and very special car. A full report on the drive is coming later this week, but for now we wanted to bring you a preview of the changes, so this week’s KM Weekly Wallpaper features a detail shot of the new Alfa Romeo 4C headlight. The photo shows the new light in the foreground, but lurking in the background is one of those vents and the high, curving hip of the car rising up just aft of the passenger compartment. Call us crazy, but we’re among the camp that think the 4C is just gorgeous. As always, we’ve formatted this week’s wallpaper two ways; in 2880×1800 for Macs and in 1600×900 for Windows PCs. Click the appropriate thumbnail below to be taken to the full size image for download.

AlfaHeadlightWallpaper1600x900final1600×900 (Windows)

AlfaHeadlightWallpaper2880x1800final2880×1800 (Mac)

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