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MV Agusta Unveils F3 675

posted by on 9 November 2011 in Motorcycle News

In the car industry, early November means a romp in the desert at SEMA in Las Vegas. But if you’re more into the two-wheeled form of transportation, all eyes are on the other side of the world in Milan, where EICMA is held.

EICMA is typically the stage where many new motorcycles are debuted, and for MV Agusta, whose headquarters are just 35 miles Northeast of MIlan, this year was no different. What MV Agusta had to show was its new F3 675. Called the “most beautiful 600 in the world,” the bike also features the most advanced and powerful middleweight engine ever. The engine in question is an inline 675cc three cylinder, and MV Agusta is the brand most famous for using such a layout.

Also following typical MV fare is the frame, made of chrome-moly and utilizes steel tubing and aluminum side plates that wrap around the engine to keep the form factor small. This keeps the bike down to a minuscule 54-inch wheelbase, and it only weighs 381 pounds. With 128 horsepower pushing around that tight of a package, the bike is sure to be a hell of a ride.

The F3 675 will be available in a special Serie Oro version in December, then go on sale in regular trim the following month. In terms of color options, it will be available in red/silver, pastel white, and pastel black/metallic anthracite.

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