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Ducati Releases Specs on Panigale Engine

posted by on 11 October 2011 in Motorcycle News

With the new 1199 Panigale coming out, Ducati has a lot of information to share with us about the new bike. But rather than come out with a single press release with all the information on it, Ducati is releasing bits of details over time.

Today is a biggie, though, as Ducati has released all of the information about the heart and soul of the Panigale, the new Superquadro engine. And watching through the video below, it’s pretty obvious that Ducati was gunning for BMW’s S1000RR with the new sport bike. Case number one is the horsepower number. Where BMW gets 193 horsepower out of the S1000RR, the new Superquadro makes two horsepower more, at 195. And with the weight savings that Ducati made on the Panigale, Ducati claims that the power-to-wight ratio is the highest of any bike on the market.

We could say that this is achieved by the extremely over-square bore and stroke ratio, and get all technical on you, but we think the Ducati engineers say it best, so check out the video of them explaining the new engine below.

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