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BMW HP4 the World’s Lightest 4-Cylinder 1000cc Sport Bike

posted by on 2 August 2012 in Motorcycle News

When you consider BMW Motorrad wasn’t even involved in the sport bike scene until 2009 with the launch of their now-heralded S1000RR, it’s pretty impressive that they’ve released the lightest 4-cylinder, 1000cc “super-sports” motorcycle ever produced. Based upon the same architecture that enthusiasts have come to love from the S1000RR, the 2013 BMW HP4 takes things to the next level.

BMW Motorrad’s HP (High Performance) line was started in 2005 with the introduction of the HP2 Boxer Enduro, and continued on with the lightweight HP2 Sport. The models became known for their use of exotic use of materials such as titanium and carbon fiber to reduce weight and increase performance, as well as integrating industry leading technology into the motorcycles. The HP4 continues this tradition by reducing the weight of the S1000RR by 5 lbs to a paltry 373 lbs dry, and 433 lbs ready to race, and adds an industry first — DDC (Dynamic Dampening Control).

Through the use of sensors and electronically controlled regulation valves the DDC system allows the computer to adjust the suspension instantly to the rider’s every move. The dampening system allows the bike to provide the most traction available to the new, larger 200/55 ZR 17 tire. And if you plan to run slicks on the HP4 while attacking your local track, the traction control and ABS systems have a tire mode specifically designed for that instance.

The engine is the same 193-hp unit as found in the S1000RR, but with a slightly recurved engine map for thicker torque delivery in the mid-range. True to its race track intentions, all of the engine’s power is available in all four of its power modes (rain, sport, race and slick) with identical power curves.


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