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Maserati Building Boat, Aiming for Sailing World Records

posted by on 6 October 2011 in Lifestyle and Gear News

The Maserati name probably doesn’t conjure up images of wood decks and sails for most people, but the company has decided to support an Italian sailing effort to claim a few records, anyway. We just hope the officials check the rear of the cabin for any 450-hp V8s. Don’t you think world-renowed sailor Giovanni Soldini teaming up with a maker of high-horsepower sports cars seems a little suspect?

Provided there isn’t any funny business, the sailing vessel Maserati will embark next year with a crew of nine to break three “important and historic North Atlantic sailing records.” These include racing from Cadiz to San Salvador in the Bahamas, from Miami up to New York, and from New York back across to Lizard Point in the UK.

The World Sailing Speed Record Council will certify the times on each attempt, and the captain at the helm, Soldini, already has circumnavigated the globe twice and crossed the Atlantic over 30 times. “I am happy that two major companies have decided to approach the world of ocean sailing by supporting this important Italian enterprise”, he said, referring to Maserati as well as Swiss Bank BSI and its parent company, Generali. Additionally, the boat will fly the pennant of the Yacht Club Italiano, the oldest sailing club on the Mediterranean.

“Maserati is lending its name to a boat that represents the synthesis of nautical technology and with which Soldini and his crew will attempt to break major ocean records,” explains Harald Wester, CEO of Maserati S.p.A. “Giovanni Soldini aboard Maserati expresses the absolute symbiosis of values – passion, emotion, speed, adrenalin, innovation along with craftsmanship and an Italian identity – between the Trident marque and the great Italian yachtsman in a series of offshore challenges on a global scale.”

The company also reminds us that this isn’t the first time the Maserati name has hit the water. In the 1930s, the company tested a boat with twin 16-cylinder Maser engines and in 1955, a Maserati-powered boat won five world powerboat championships. If Soldini finds success here, it’ll be the first time, we think, that Maserati will set any record without the use of a big, loud engine. Unless this boat is hiding one.

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