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Last Open Road Novel Series Hits Kindle Bookstore

posted by on 19 December 2011 in Lifestyle and Gear News

Burt Levy’s first novel, The Last Open Road, brought to life the romance and danger of road racing in the early 1950s by weaving real-life people and events with a cast of made-for-drama fictional characters of his own creation. The book became a cult sensation among sports car enthusiasts and racing historians, and spawned additional volumes now totaling five.

Levy, who boldly self-published the novels when no “real” publisher would take the risk, has now made the leap to digital ink. The first two novels in the series, The Last Open Road and Montezuma’s Ferrari, are now available for Amazon’s Kindle e-reader. In early 2012, the third volume, The Fabulous Trashwagon, should arrive in the Kindle store as well.

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