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BMW i and Susanne Kaufmann Create Purf-i Hand Sanitizer

posted by on 13 October 2011 in Lifestyle and Gear News

Yeah, yeah, the new BMW 3-series is going to debut tomorrow. But wouldn’t you much rather hear about the debut of BMW’s revolutionary new. . . hand sanitizer? Okay, great, because that’s the big (hey, it’s a slow news day) news today. It’s the result of a collaboration with Susanne Kaufmann Cosmetics and it’s co-branded with BMW’s new i division. As a result, it is of course all-natural and totally friendly to the environment.

“BMW i and Susanne Kaufmann are two distinct brands that are committed to a sustainable future, where environmental responsibility and luxury can coexist,” said Uwe Dreher, Central Marketing and Brand Manager for BMW i. “The unique collaboration between a natural cosmetics manufacturer and the BMW i mobility brand is an example of how nature and technology can work together and effectively enhance each other.”

The new hand sanitizer was launched this week in New York, following up on a European debut in Berlin. It’s part of BMW i’s search for “products that not only make life in megacities easier, but also minimize environmental impact. Purif-i is composed entirely of herbal extracts and a combination of intelligent, super active substances. It simultaneously sanitizes and softens hands, combining alcohol extracts from plants and liquid silk proteins that protect hands from drying out. Since it requires no water or a towel, it can be used anywhere, anytime.” It’s on sale in Europe for 14 euros per bottle, so it’ll cost a little more than that in dollars. But can you really put a price on naturally clean, moisturized hands?

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