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Bentley “Power on Ice” Experience Returns to Finland for 2102

posted by on 25 January 2012 in Lifestyle and Gear News

Winter sucks! But embracing it sure makes the cold, dark days pass faster. Our favorite way to bide the time is to take advantage of the season’s low-friction conditions to brush up on our car control skills. And while polishing up the Scandinavian Flick in deserted parking lots is plenty of fun, there’s a better way to do it.

The boys at Bentley, for instance, would prefer you join them in Finland for the 2012 installment of their winter performance experience, Power on Ice. Like other upscale winter driving programs, Power on Ice is a full-blown luxury getaway. As if doing figure-eights and sliding across the tundra in someone else’s new Continental GT weren’t enough, lucky participants will also be pampered at the Ruka Peak luxury resort. After a day of driving (and standing) in the Arctic air, you can warm up in one of the country’s famed saunas before an evening of noble fare and exquisite libations.

If it sounds enticing, the experience can be yours for around $11,000 (€8690) per person. If that seems steep, consider this: it’s a lot cheaper than actually buying a Bentley, and it’ll be a far more interesting winter vacation than the Club Med trip your co-workers will be bragging about. Four-day, three-night session run from February 5 to 26. Bentley’s special website, has full details, as well as a breakdown of the options.

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