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Aston Martin Celebrates Being Viral, Offers You Sneakers

posted by on 12 May 2010 in Lifestyle and Gear News

In mid-2008 a YouTube video hit the web like wildfire. The video depicted Kobe Bryant jumping over a DB9 Volante while wearing a pair of his new Nike Hyperdunk shoes. Instantly, the Internet was in debate over whether the stunt was legit, or just some Final Cut trickery. However, these discussions didn’t happen just among car fans or amateur video editors, it took place in all social circles. And while it only brought Nike back to the kitchen table, but also introduced Aston Martin to family households all over, some that had never heard of the British brand.

As a result of this brand awareness, Aston Martin today announced a partnership with Nike Shoes, specifically the Kobe Bryant line of basketball shoes, and their co-branded Hyperdunk and Zoom Kobe shoes. The shoes, said to be inspired by the DB9 and One-77, feature purple coloring and Aston Martin logos, as well as the famed Swoosh.

The shoes go on sale tomorrow, and all proceeds go to the LA84 Foundation.

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