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FOTD: Porsche 911 RS America

posted by on 15 September 2014 in Find Of The Day

The Porsche 911 RS America is something of a rare and special breed – a special edition Porsche that was produced specifically for the American market at the behest of a group of enthusiasts (including legendary racing driver Vic Elford) who worked at Porsche Cars North America. While Porsche has a long history of producing special versions of its cars, the most famous and desirable of these often did not make the trip across the Atlantic to the USA. Usually this was due to American safety, emissions, or other regulation and the expense of re-engineering and re-certifying a limited production vehicle for US roads. This all began with the Carrera RS of 1973. The Carrera RS was a stripped out “racing” version of the 911, complete with the now famous “ducktail” rear spoiler. It became the most desirable of the early 911s but was never available in the US.

1994 Porsche RS America on eBay

Roll the calendar forward 2o years, and in 1993 Porsche announced the arrival of the 964-based 911 Carrera RS, which like its ancestor was to be a stripped out, lightweight “racing” version of the 911. This time, though, a core group of employees at PCNA was determined that the USA not be left out of the fun, and the result was the RS America. Originally intended to be a 1993 only model, it sold so well that some 84 further cars were built and made available for the 1994 model year, bringing the total production to 701 cars. While the RS America didn’t get every last bit of the special weight reducing modifications that the rest-of-world Carrera RS did (thinner glass, manual crank windows, and lack of an alarm system being some of the differences) it was a significantly different car to the standard 911 C2 on which it was based. The RS America had storage bins fitted in place of the rear seats, simplified door cards with fabric pulls to open them, the M030 sport suspension, and special versions of the C2 Turbo style wheel. Unlike the rest of the 911 lineup, there were only four options to choose from if you ordered an RS America: a limited slip differential, a cassette radio, air conditioning, and an electric sunroof. Following in the footsteps of the 1973 Carrera RS, the RS America also sported a unique spoiler – in this case, being the only non-turbo 964 to get the famous Porsche Whale Tail. The only color choices were Guards Red, Black, and Grand Prix White, with Polar Silver Metallic and Midnight Blue Metallic being available for an additional charge. As with all 911s, you could also request that Porsche paint your car to match any sample for an additional fee. The best part of the whole thing? You could order an RS America for $10,000 less than the 911 C2 on which it was based.

1994 Porsche RS America on eBay

The result of all of this simplicity was a 911 that had much more of a “track oriented” feel than the standard C2 did, and that is borne out in the fact that many RS America owners track and autocross their cars regularly. The unfortunate result of that is that over time it has become more and more difficult to find an RS America that’s in original, unmolested condition for street or everyday use. Thus, when we recently came across one of the rarer 1994 models for sale on eBay in original condition, we knew it was destined for a Find of the Day feature here on Kilometer. This is one of the 84 cars released for the 1994 model year, and as such it has rear seats instead of the storage bins from the 1993 cars, which was a change made for the ’94 cars. It has 67,505 miles, and going by the pictures and description in the ad, it appears to be a clean, well taken care of example that remains mostly stock with the exception of a Sony headunit in place of the factory cassette radio. It has air conditioning but no sunroof, and the ad doesn’t mention if it has the LSD option or not. Given the limited production numbers, the market for the RS America is somewhat unique, and we’ve found several of them advertised on the registry at for well into the six figure range. As of the date of publication, bidding on this car is at $76,000 with three days to go in the auction. We’re sure it will make someone very, very happy when it sells.

1994 Porsche RS America on eBay

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