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Porsche Updates European Delivery Program for US Customers

posted by on 27 February 2012 in Cultural and Events News

Really, could there be a better way to get to know a new Porsche than on the real, honest-to-goodness, authentic German autobahn? We can’t think of a better option, except maybe a choice of delivery locations. Porsche will now offer American buyers taking delivery in Europe the choice of picking up their new car in either Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen in the south (where 911 Cayman and Boxster are built) or in Leipzig in the north (home to Cayenne and Panamera production), regardless of what car they have purchased.

The experience at either plant includes a factory tour, but delivery in Stuttgart includes a visit to the Porsche Museum. Leipzig delivery customers can take advantage of the Porsche Test Track or take Cayennes on the off-road course. After a thorough delivery orientation by a Porsche factory specialist, drivers are free to drive the European countryside for up to two weeks before returning their cars for return shipment to the dealer of the choice.

There is no additional cost for the European Delivery option, and the purchase price includes temporary registration and insurance while in Europe. The use of winter tires (as required during winter months) is even complementary. Porsche Cars North America offers discounted airfare and hotel packages along with European Delivery as well.

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