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Spy Photos: 2013 Mercedes-Benz CLS-class Shooting Brake

posted by on 27 October 2011 in Automotive News

Mercedes-Benz showed a CLS Shooting Brake over a year ago on the auto show circuit. So when will it be built, finally? Soon, according to these spy photos. And yes, we could get into it about how this thing isn’t really a shooting brake what with all of its doors and all, but that would just lead to a conversation about how the CLS itself isn’t really a coupe, and well, that talk is so 2005. Let’s just let the marketers do what they want.

As for the car, it remains faithful to both the original concept and the current production CLS “coupe.” The small bit of disguise tries to distort the rear windowline, but a close look confirms it’ll be more curved in the bottom corner, as opposed to the faux kink drawn on with tape. The resulting car will be more practical than the standard CLS, which has a traditional trunk, and also slightly more practical, we think, than the Audi A7, which does use a hatch at the rear. However, it won’t hold as much as an E-class wagon, so buyers will still be forced to choose between style and space, only now there’s one more option in the middle. Our bet would be on a Geneva show reveal for this thing, with an on sale date in Europe shortly thereafter. We’re also betting the numbers won’t make sense for bringing it Stateside.

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