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Porsche 918 Looks Stunning in Martini Racing Livery

posted by on 31 July 2012 in Automotive News

Listen, we tend to pretty skeptical of most carmakers’ efforts at spoon-feeding us teasers of future models. We prefer to get behind the wheel and drive them, not just sit around dreaming about them. But we have to give Porsche credit for teasing us just right with pictures of the upcoming 918 hybrid supercar dressed in vintage 917 racing liveries.

The latest dress-up/show-off scheme is the classic Italian vermouth and sparkling brand Martini (technically Martini & Rossi). The design uses the company’s classic bar-and-ball logo which dates to 1929.

Martini and Porsche have been connected to sports car enthusiasts since 1969, when Martini Racing backed a pair of 907s. The iconic visual identity was later applied to the legendary 917s, including the 1971 LeMans winner, and the 911 rally car that won Monte Carlo in 1973.

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