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Paris Sculpture Foretells Next Mercedes S-Class

posted by on 4 September 2012 in Automotive News

Mercedes-Benz will once again use a three-dimensional art installation to preview the shape of an upcoming model. In this case, it’s the flagship S-Class sedan, which will debut next year in full form. Until then, we’ll have to read into the future by looking at this relief sculpture, appropriately called “Aesthetics S.”

The full-size likeness of the next S in profile reveals a continuation of the current theme, which draws on long, speedy lines inspired by 1930s Benzes like the 540K. What can’t be seen in this teaser is whether the new limo will wear the large, SLS-like gaping grille, or whether it will get a more traditional and elegant formal grill, as with the current E-Class. We’d bet on the latter.

The Aesthetic S sculpture continues Mercedes-Benz’s “Aesthetics” series, which also includes “Aesthetics No. 1” (2010), “Aesthetics No. 2” and “Aesthetics 125” (both 2011). It will be make its public debut at the Paris Motor Show starting September 27.

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