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Mini of New Zealand Outfits Clubman with 300 Harmonicas, Posts Result

posted by on 15 March 2011 in Automotive News

Apparently starting off by simply asking “What if we strapped harmonicas to a car?” Mini’s New Zealand team have made this very unique project. Following that very question, and making sure it did so safely, so as not to endanger passersby, the team made the creation you see here.

Describing it as “having an angel in the car, and then that angel gets annoying after about five minutes,” DraftFCB, Mini New Zealand’s advertising agency, took the car for a spin and made the video you see below. The description is pretty much spot on.

DraftFCB doesn’t plan on putting the ad out there through traditional means at all, hoping that the video will be added to the “viral success” list. Consider our aid complete.

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