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Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Pearl is the Greatest Van of All Time

posted by on 28 July 2011 in 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show Automotive News

Things with sliding doors are generally utilitarian devices or very uninteresting things. The Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Pearl could be considered the former, but the only thing it hauls is greatness. And honestly, we were reminded on a recent trip to Stuttgart that even the standard Viano is a great way to be driven around. But this is no normal Viano. It’s “a demonstration of what is possible in the van sector.”

The Vision Pearl, a concept that’ll be shown at the upcoming Frankfurt show, is said to take its inspiration from modern sporting yachts, but we think modern yachts may now start taking inspiration instead from the Viano. The supervan starts with “magno pearl gray,” a paint color that’s both pearlescent and matte. Those LED running lamps you see are standard Viano fare, but the front bumper’s been slightly restyled for a more sporty look. Big wheels complete the outer appearance.

A subtle outside opens up through large power-sliding doors to reveal a luxurious interior with a wood floor and matching wood accent trim, white and gray leather seating, and brushed aluminum trim, all hidden from the world through chromatically tinting windows. To make the spacious rear cabin a functional modern space, it has onboard W-LAN connectivity and to cater to audiophiles, Mercedes-Benz worked with Bang & Olufsen on a “BeoSound Viano” audio system. It features a total output of 1320 watts, which is 120 more than the current top M-B system in the S-class. It uses 18 custom-build loudspeakers in special housings to ensure that while a symphony may be playing inside, all people outside hear is the faint clatter of the diesel engine.

“We want to show what can be done with the Viano. The Viano Vision Pearl is not merely a functional van, but also a stylishly designed living space,” says Volker Mornhinweg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans. “We have created a vehicle which combines generous spaciousness with an impressive design. Anybody who attaches importance to stress-free and at the same time stylish travel will find that the Viano Vision Pearl is the ideal companion. The interior design and technical features make the Viano Vision Pearl the S-Class among vans.”

We can’t wait for the Frankfurt show now, just because we want to spend a few moments sitting in this thing. And hopefully, the rumors of the Viano coming to the US soon turn out to be true.

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