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Lamborghini Take Roof Off Aventador to Create Aventador J

posted by on 5 March 2012 in Automotive News

Lamborghini’s contribution to the Geneva Motor Show this year is the topless Aventador J, which derives its new suffix from the company’s Jota from 1970. The Jota was a one-off showstopper based on the production Jalpa, with improved performance and distinct styling. In that tradition (if you can call it a tradition) the Aventador J is a one-off show car based on the production Aventador sports car, but with a significant makeover.

For starters, the roof is gone. Windshield? It’s practically gone as well, a pair of cowls being positioned in front of driver and passenger instead. The periscope-style mirror and roll hoops represent the highest points on the car, edging out the rear wing by a couple inches. Unique bumpers replace the standard bits and a narrower front clip includes winglets in the front air duct.

Carbon fiber is literally everywhere. In addition to the Aventador’s carbon fiber tub, the grey weave finds itself in the Aventador J’ bodywork and wheels. Even its interior is made from a new carbon fiber cloth that Lambo calls Carbonskin; the company hints the new material will likely find its way into production models and even clothing.

While the Aventador J is supposedly a concept only, it is a fully functional road-going prototype using the 6.5-liter, 700-horsepower V12 from the Aventador LP 700-4. Thanks to all that carbon fiber, it weighs just 3465 pounds, a featherweight by V12 super car standards.

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