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BMW Announces xDrive For 5-series Gran Turismo Range at Beijing Auto Show

posted by on 15 April 2010 in Automotive News

The six-cylinder 535i Gran Turismo is just arriving to market now, and BMW wants to keep the momentum going with its newest and oddest product in the range. As such, the company announced today that xDrive will soon be available to customers looking for a little more traction in inclement weather. Although all-wheel drive will be available on both the 535i and 550i (plus the 530d in other markets) this news is especially relevant to owners of the twin-turbo V8. As we’ve learned with our own 550i GT, losing traction is just a matter of jumping on the throttle too quickly.

In any model, the xDrive system is the same computer-controlled system of every other BMW, which doesn’t degrade the rear-drive dynamics as much as some might fear. We drove a 750Li xDrive M Sport a few months ago and fell in love with the combination of the angry V8 and xDrive. The 5GT does have one advantage over that car, however, and that’s the fact that it’s the first vehicle to combine all-wheel drive with BMW’s new eight-speed transmission. In highway driving, that should help fuel economy just a touch. BMW hasn’t announced pricing yet, but expect xDrive to cost somewhere near the $3000 premium it fetches on the 7-series.

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