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Aston Martin Announces the Lagonda Super Sedan

posted by on 28 July 2014 in Automotive News

Aston Martin announced late last week that they will be reviving the Lagonda nameplate for a new line of super sedans to be produced on an extremely limited, invitation only basis and aimed mainly at the middle east market.

For those to whom the name Lagonda rings no bells, it originally graced two models of sedan staring in 1974. One of them was quite attractive, while the other….. wasn’t. The 1974-only model basically took the V8 version of the original DBS coupe, stretched it, and added two doors. It maintained the classic round headlamps, arched front fenders, and graceful lines typical of Aston Martin. It was replaced for 1975 with the wedge shaped spaceship that shared almost nothing except the engine with the previous car. It featured such “futuristic” appointments as touchpad controls, a solid state digital instrument cluster, and pop-up headlamps. The original Lagonda, like the new one, was aimed mainly at the middle eastern market but with only 645 of them built in total over the life of the original car it was not a runaway success even by Aston’s traditional standards.

The new Lagonda isn’t aimed at massive production numbers either. Though it will be based on Aston’s aging VH architecture, it will be what the brand refers to as “strictly limited production” and will be for sale only to select invited customers. Production will be carried out by hand at Aston’s Gaydon headquarters in England, in the building that was previously set aside for production of the One-77 hypercar. Body panels will be of carbon fibre, and as to price, Aston will only say that it will be “commensurate with the car’s exclusivity, quality and luxurious nature.” In other words, if you’re not an oil Sheik who’s already got a few of Gaydon’s finest in the garage you probably don’t even need to ask.


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