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2012 New York Auto Show Galleries Posted

posted by on 6 April 2012 in Automotive News

We were in the New York the past couple days to see the latest new models from our favorite brands. We’ve posted the pictures in the gallery, which can be found here. Below are some of pour personal favorites from the show.

– BMW M3 in Frozen Blue. Yet another limited edition as the E92 series rolls to a close, but certainly one of the best looking and most interesting variants yet. We’d opt out of the tan interior though.

– BMW X1. We’ve been among the critics of the first rendition of BMW’s baby-ute, but we think the recent round of improvements on this mid-cycle refresh have resulted in a market-ready vehicle for North America. The interior is particularly impressive with the addition of wood and metal accents and an upgrade in plastic stock. The fact that we’re the only market getting the 300-horsepower, six-cylnder turbo variant is impressive, but we suspect the more fuel-efficeint 2.0-liter turbo-four will be the bread and butter of the lineup. It’s not quite cool enough to make us give up on a 3-series wagon, but we have no doubt the X1 will find plenty of buyers.

– Range Rover Classic. Land Rover is making a big deal about its 25th anniversary in the US market. In reality, the brand was sold here until 1973 originally, but like many of the great small European builders of the time, withdrew because of stringent new emissions rules put in place for 1974. Nevertheless, the company’s second marriage to this market is still going strong, and to celebrate this milestone Land Rover North America has purchased a 1987 Range Rover for promotional purposes. The Alpine White example was pretty clean when they acquired it, and it will be getting a functional restoration over the coming months as it makes the tour. With the Range Rover nearing the end of its current¬†production run, and the next-generation Defender still years away from reality, it’s an interesting time to discuss what the Land Rover and Range Rover brands stand for. The classic Range Rover makes the perfect conversation starter.

– Porsche Boxster. We’re big fans of mid-engine Porsches here at km, and the new Boxster excites us quite a bit. We were relieved to discover that it still feels like a compact roadster, the kind of car you throw on like a spring jacket and hit the road. We’ll have a chance to drive it later this spring, something we clearly can’t wait to experience. And needless to say, the next Cayman sends our hearts racing as well.

– In non-european news, Lincoln’s all-new MKZ looks like the first truly inspired vehicle from a division that has been teetering on the brink of irrelevance. This one is not your grandfather’s Lincoln (although that marketing message didn’t work so well for Oldsmobile). The Nissan Altima gets a much-needed clean-sheet design in order to compete with the highly competitive Kias and Hyundais that have been nibbling at its market share. Conversely Dodge, or rather Chrysler’s new SRT division, debuted an all-new Viper that looks pretty much like, well, a Viper.

Click through the galleries and see the rest of the show through the lens of our cameras.

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