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2010 Geneva Show: Bentley Continental Flying Star by Touring Superleggera

posted by on 2 March 2010 in 2010 Geneva Auto Show Automotive News

The Flying Star story began back in 2008, with some wealthy collector known simply as “Our Hero.” This Bentley enthusiast came to Touring Superleggera with an idea, a dream, and presumably, a whole truckload of cash, and said “Build me a shooting brake.” Now, in 2010, the car has finally been presented in public at the Geneva show.

Because it was already reinforced to account for the lack of an attached roof, Touring opted to start the project with a Continental GTC convertible. Less emotional hardship for the guy responsible for chopping up a Bentley would be required, and there wouldn’t be a risk that the two-door wagon shape wouldn’t be as rigid as a coupe. Basically everything from the A-pillar back on the car has been modified, with longer doors, new aluminum bodywork, and a power tailgate at the rear. Inside, the rear seats are able to fold and the load floor is finished in some pretty wild upholstery.

The rest of the story, you basically see before you here. And depending on your own personality, you probably think it’s really cool or a complete waste of a Bentley.

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