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2010 Geneva Show: Aston Martin Cygnet Concept Shown in New Colors, Including Gulf Livery

posted by on 2 March 2010 in 2010 Geneva Auto Show Automotive News

Relying on Japanese industry giant Toyota for parts is nothing new for the British automotive industry–Lotus has been sourcing its engines from the company for a decade now. And it makes more sense then ever now; who is more synonymous with surprising speed than Toyota? But now, Aston Martin has gone one step further, sourcing not just engines, but entire vehicles, save a few body panels.

Aston didn’t really say anything new about the car here at Geneva, but it is the car’s first official public appearance. As the company has said before, the Cygnet is a design exploration used to gauge customer interest in a small city car to use as backup for whatever Aston each customer might have in the garage. It’s also a great way to raise the company’s average fuel economy, which isn’t great at the moment. The Cygnet would only be sold to existing AM customers, keeping it more exclusive than if it were just offered to anyone looking for a cheap way to buy into the badge. See it now in yellow, purple, silver, and yes, Gulf blue and orange, by clicking to the right.

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