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Welcome to the New Kilometer Magazine

posted by on 28 March 2012 in Aftermarket and Industry News

You may have noticed we’ve been out of commission for the last couple weeks. But worry not. We haven’t disappeared completely, we’ve just been busy working on a fairly significant overhaul to the site.

So welcome to kilometer magazine, version 2.0. The new site is full of new features to make your experience a little more enjoyable. Here’s what we’ve done.

– Our top five feature stories now rotate in a carousel at the top of the homepage.

– The latest news items now present in a more conventional blog format, with a large main image.

– The “km Garage” section is now part of the regular blog. No more sub-navigating to get to our short drives, long-term updates and project car installments.

– The new content management system is tag-based, allowing for quicker, more accurate searches by author, category and other related content. – All stories now include links to related articles from kilometer magazine.

– Feature stories also include links to additional stories from the same author, as well as other stories from the same category and random stories too.

– We’ve added the ability to post comments after every story. Simply log in with an email address to interact with other readers on the site.

– There is now a section on the front page for the latest motorcycle-related news and feature stories.

In the coming weeks we’ll be making some final tweaks. In the meantime, we hope you’ll peruse the site and maybe discover something you may have missed before. And don’t be afraid to hit us up with your suggestions or to tip us off if something seems amiss.

Thanks again for your patience and we hope you enjoy the changes

— The kilometer magazine staff.

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