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Mini E Tune It! Safe! by AC Schnitzer debuts at Essen Motor Show

posted by on 3 December 2010 in Aftermarket and Industry News

Every year since 2004, Germany’s Ministry of Transport has sponsored an initiative to promote safety in car tuning by working with a car manufacturer and a tuning company to make a hotted-up, custom police cruiser. This year, the initiative goes green thanks to an all-electric Mini E being used as the base vehicle. And because Mini is a part of the BMW family, tuning powerhouse AC Schnitzer was selected as the customizing firm. And as always, an entertaining photo shoot with a pair of officers was in order and can be viewed through those gallery thumbnails you see to the right.

The project also brought in a few other donors, including Hella for the police light bars and Hankook for a set of tires. Otherwise, it’s all AC Schnitzer, including a set of lovely 18-inch wheels, four-piston front calipers, and all the aero parts and interior touch-up bits one might expect. Considering that the Mini E isn’t actually in full production and its electric motor is pretty advanced, power is unchanged from the stock 204 horses.

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