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If You Can’t Afford a Genuine Italian Supercar, Have a Replica Built in Mexico

posted by on 18 June 2012 in Aftermarket and Industry News

Plastic surgery can be expensive. And it’s not uncommon these days for Americans from all walks of life to cross our southern border for a bit of bodywork on the cheap. A nose job, breast augmentation and a little liposuction can be just the thing to get the right kind of attention from the wrong kind of people, and as you’d expect, the results can vary widely. Still, the allure of all that beauty for not much cash can be tempting.

The same is true of our cars, so leave it to our lawless compadres on the other side of the Rio Grand to knock out exotic car replicas for mere pesos on the dollar. According to, a firm in Tepatitlán will build you a Lamborghini Reventon for about $45,000, or a Ferrari 458 Itlaia for a little less that $70,000. Or at least the hand-laid fiberglass bodies with major exterior and interior trim. All you have to do is offer up your own chassis, engine and self pride.

Not convinced, watch the video.

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