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Heico Sportiv Retouches 2011 Volvo V60 Sportwagon

posted by on 15 November 2010 in Aftermarket and Industry News

Heico Sportiv’s engineers must have had a pretty easy time developing parts for the new Volvo V60. Does the S60’s bumper fit? Yup. Are the powertrains the same? Sure are. And just like that, a line of go-fast goodies for the new 2011 V60 was born. Like the S60, visual alterations include a new front spoiler, a diffuser at the rear to accommodate Heico’s quad-tip exhaust, and two different wheel options. Inside the car, customizations are limited to a shift handle and pedal covers.

Under the hood, Heico offers tuning programs for every diesel and gas engine offered with the V60, which means three in each fuel’s category. Power increases vary, with the top dog being a 330-hp T6. That’s currently the only engine offered in the US version of the S60 sedan, and of course, the V60 isn’t available for us at all. A T5 is coming next year, and Heico does offer tuning for that as well.

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