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Brabus Takes First Crack at Tuning New Mercedes-Benz Biturbo V8s

posted by on 27 April 2011 in Aftermarket and Industry News

Brabus has taken a break from its normal business of cramming V12 into every single Mercedes-Benz model to work on something a little retrained. Tuning is now offered for the company’s new biturbo V8 engines. There are, of course, two different versions of the engine–one for the S550 and CL550 and another tweaked by AMG–and Brabus will cater to all of those customers.

For the 4.7-liter basic engine, Brabus offers the B50 490 PowerXtra CGI performance kit that, along with providing a way to use up one entire breath, boosts output to 482 hp and 575 lb-ft of torque. That costs 4900 euros, but for another thousand, Brabus will add an upgraded intercooler, which makes the kit known as the B50 520 PowerXtra CGI. Doing so delivers 512 hp, 604 lb-ft of torque, and also allows either the CL- or the S-class to reach an amazing 188 mph.

As for the AMG models, they get equally long jumbles of letters and numbers and again, two different choices are offered. However, both feature a new water-to-air intercooler, not just one of them. For cars not equipped with AMG’s own performance package, power is bumped by 39 horses. More exciting is the kit for performance package cars, which takes power up to 610 horsepower and torque up to a crazy 737 lb-ft. Thanks to traction issues, 0-60 mph don’t change much, but top speed gets kicked up to 200 mph. Either AMG kit costs 5900 euros.

In addition to the new engine tuning choices, Brabus is offering the usual wind tunnel-tested aerodynamic kits, brake upgrades, and big wheels. The company will also go wild with interior modifications, with only the customer’s wallet creating limits.

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