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Audi’s “Motorsport Personality Test”

posted by on 3 September 2014 in Aftermarket and Industry News

“Personality Tests” that promise to tell you everything from what movie character you are, to what kind of drink you are, to who should play you in a movie are all the rage on social media at the moment. While we eschew most of them, Audi has released a “Motorsport Personality Test” that’s a bit of fun for car people and lovers of motorsport. This one promises to tell you what your “Motorsport Personality” is. Through questions such as “When I think of Motorsport I think of:” and “My driving style is best described as:” Audi will use their magic predictors to assign you a role from the world of motorsport. Will you be an engineer? A mechanic? A driver?

The test can be found at The Audi Motorsport Personality Test.


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