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Low Budget Film – Our Land Rover Gets a Color Wrap

posted by on 27 September 2011 in Project

The very first Land Rovers were painted in war-surplus military paint. Seems only fitting we should go military on our Discovery project. More…

The English Patient is Alive and Well

posted by on 10 June 2011 in Project

After months of off-and-on progress, we finally turned the key on our Land Rover project. It’s alive! Alive!!!! More…

A New Headliner for the Land Rover Project

posted by on 14 February 2011 in Project

It’s a fact of life — time and gravity will eventually take their toll, leaving behind what can best be described as loose, sagging and wrinkled. And let’s face it, once this happens, they’re just not much to look at anymore. We’re talking, of course, about headliners… More…

Old-School 4000 Quattro, Part 1

posted by on 11 February 2011 in Project

Our man George loves his Audis. He recently blew the dust off his old 4000 with a renewed interest in putting it back on the road in its former glory. Here’s the beginning of the story. More…

The English Patient Goes Under the Knife

posted by on 9 August 2010 in Project

Finally, some progress on our dead Discovery. The donor engine is stripped, the blown engine is almost out, and the headliner is halfway fixed. More…

The English Patient Gets a Room

posted by on 28 May 2010 in Project

The engine in our Land Rover project is on its way out, and the so is the sagging headliner. The next few weeks will have us busy playing both upholsterer and mechanic as we dig deeper into the project. More…

Broken Bonneville – Part 1

posted by on 1 February 2010 in Project

It’s said that one man’s misfortune is another man’s opportunity. No more certain example exists than the case of our latest project vehicle, a 2001 Triumph Bonneville. More…

Introducing The English Patient

posted by on 8 October 2009 in Project

Sometimes a man goes looking for a project, and sometime the project seeks out the man. Whether this 2001 Land Rover Discovery is a screaming deal or just another money pit for our managing editor has yet to be determined. More…