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2011 Volvo S60 Revealed From All Angles in First Official Video

You've no doubt seen the upcoming S60 already, but other than spy photos, you've only seen it from two angles showing little more than the view from the front corner. Well, Volvo was nice enough to release a new video to their Facebook page today that gives a number of new views of the much-anticipated new sedan. A link to that video is below (we can't embed this one, sorry) as well as a few select screenshots.

Our first impression is that the car looks better than those first images led us to believe. It has some lovely lines and the view from the rear is especially nice. In side profile view, the design is sweeping and elegant. But what we really like is the lighting treatment. Up front, the S60 uses the same dual vertical LED bars between the grille and the headlights as the XC60, and there's also a nice amber light tube above the headlight that will probably be the blinker. But again, it's out back that the car wins us over. The tallights cut from the body with two bright light tubes following the car's rear silhouette, with a deeper red area filling the space between. It should look quite distinctive at night.

Of course, Volvo can't reveal everything at once, so there's still no hint at how the interior will look. Expect something that's sort of a sedan version of the XC60's cabin. And watch the video HERE.


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