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Jaguar Inks Deal For XJ Partnership WIth Edward Thomas Hotels

One of the easiest ways to get a target market into a new car model is to take it where those buyers will be anyway. After all, aren't the wealthy consumers with the means to buy a car like the new Jaguar XJ too busy being successful to be bothered with a trip to a dealership?

The technique of donating a few vehicles as complimentary hotel transportation isn't a new one, but for the new Jaguar XJ, the partnership announced today with Edward Thomas Hotels is its first. "It was a natural fit for Jaguar to partner with Edward Thomas Collection Hotels," said Sharon Corrigan, Vice President of Marketing, Jaguar North America. "The Santa Monica beach area is a perfect backdrop to showcase the contemporary luxury and exquisite performance of the all-new XJ." Because the cars will be chauffeured, Edward Thomas will use a fleet of the long-wheelbase XJL models, likely loaded up with all the conveniences available for rear-seat passengers.

The on-going partnership with Jaguar will allow guests the opportunity to travel from the hotels to destinations within Santa Monica on a first-come, first-served basis with compliments of the hotels. ETC hotel drivers will be thoroughly trained on all of the features of the all-new XJ by Jaguar product specialists. The two hotel properties managed by ETC are Shutters on the Beach, a "Leading Hotels of the World" destination on Santa Monica Bay, as well as Hotel Casa del Mar, a resort built in 1926 and reopened by Edward Thomas in 199 following a $50 million restoration.

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